Elektrotechnik Schabus - CO-2 traffic lights

Fresh air means more oxygen - in other words, more well-being and better performance. Because too little oxygen makes us weak and tired - and ultimately more susceptible to illness. But no one wants to freeze - so it's important to find the right balance.

The small 1×1 of energy-saving ventilation succeeds quite easily with our CO-2 traffic lights - because they switch to yellow exactly when it is time to ventilate - not much too early and not much too late.

And the traffic light also switches back to green in good time when there is sufficient oxygen in the room again. So no one has to freeze anymore, just because the room was ventilated too long and extensively.
This, of course, saves a lot of heating and air-conditioning costs, which would otherwise have gone out the window.

The CO2 traffic light itself has very low energy consumption - and additionally switches off the LED lights at night, making it even more economical.

Important information for all CO-2 traffic lights Please do not unplug your traffic lights overnight!

The traffic light uses the nightly rest periods to calibrate itself properly - just like during regular, daily shock ventilation in the rooms. Therefore, please leave the traffic light permanently switched on, i.e. on the mains, during operating and/or school hours.

The traffic light notes the lowest CO2 concentration of the last 7 days and always resets itself to its theoretical zero point in this rhythm. For this Auto calibration is the Weekly average significantly more meaningful than a daily average.

To Energy Saving the traffic light has a light sensor that dims the LEDs after 10 minutes in absolute darkness, thus lowering the total power consumption.

That is why it is so important to supply the traffic light with power also at night. Only during school vacations / company vacations of more than 7 days, the traffic light can be taken off the grid.


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