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Only with sufficient fresh air, in which our human concentration and performance is fully given, as well as our immune system has the highest protection, the traffic light shines green.

When the air deteriorates, i.e. when oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is exhaled with the air we breathe, the traffic light first lights up yellow, then red if it increases further. At this point, at the latest, extensive ventilation is urgently required.
As the air improves, the colors decrease again, indicating the success of the ventilation measures.
An internal light sensor switches the LEDs off in the dark, thus automatically saving energy.

CO2 traffic lights

CO2 traffic light "Medical

Item no.: 400350
The CO2 traffic light "medical" with wall mount and plug-in power supply is our most sensitive version, which already switches to yellow at 800 ppm CO2, from 1200 ppm CO2 to red and from 2000 ppm CO2 to red flashing with alarm tone. It is therefore ideally suited for monitoring rooms in which many people with special physiological restrictions are often present, e.g. waiting rooms in doctors' surgeries or senior residences.   Possible applications
  • Surveillance of doctors' surgeries, hospitals, old people's homes, etc.
  • for all rooms where people spend long periods of time on a regular basis
  • Reliable reminder for regular draught ventilation

CO2 traffic light "Factory

Item no.: 400360
Reminds of regular draught ventilation in case of stale air Warning levels:
  • at 1400 ppm CO2 on yellow
  • from 2000 ppm CO2 on red
  • from 2500 ppm CO2 on red flashing with alarm tone
Possible applications
  • Monitoring of open-plan offices, production facilities, workshops, etc.
  • for all rooms where people spend long periods of time on a regular basis
  • Reliable reminder for regular draught ventilation

CO2 traffic light "customized

Item no.: 400370
Reminds of regular draught ventilation in case of stale air
Possible applications
  • Monitoring of all dry indoor spaces where there are often / many people, e.g. gastronomy, etc.
  • Reliable reminder for regular draught ventilation

CO2 traffic light OFFICE

Item no.: 400380
In the hectic office routine, it is often noticed too late - many different factors cause the proverbial "thick air". Our oxygen supply continuously decreases and we become flabby and tired. Fresh air means more oxygen - thus more well-being and more performance. The CO2 traffic light "office" helps you to ventilate in time, to ventilate for a sufficiently long time and thus to ventilate in a sensible energy-saving way. This way you feel fit again faster - and that is logically also healthier.   Possible applications
  • Room air monitoring in the office according to EU standard EN 13779
  • Individual office, reception offices, open plan office, meeting rooms and more.
  • reliable reminder to ventilate regularly

CO2 traffic light "school

Item no.: 400250
The CO2 traffic light "school" with internal NDIR sensor is an indicator of the carbon dioxide content in the room air and provides a visual warning of increasingly poor air quality in indoor areas where many people frequently spend time and encourages regular draught ventilation. The device is not approved for any other use than described above.


Item no.: 400311
The plug-in CO2 traffic light with internal NDIR sensor, the LED displays red, yellow and green, as well as discreet acoustic support, is used in areas where a reminder for regular ventilation is necessary, but people present should not be unsettled by yellow and red warning colours that are visible from afar.

Accessories CO2 traffic lights

Ball protection grid for CO2 traffic light

Item no.: 300947
protects against hard hits from balls or similar in gyms and kindergartens Application area
  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Kindergartens

CO2 traffic light - stand

Item no.: 400110
Stand is the ideal complement for CO2 traffic lights Application area:
  • if wall mounting is not possible or desired
  • Mounting on horizontal surfaces

CO2 traffic light extension cable 3 m

Item no.: 400343
DC extension cable black DC plug 2.1 x 5.5

CO2 traffic light extension cable 6 m

Item no.: 400346
DC extension cable black DC plug 2.1 x 5.5

Anti-theft device for CO2 traffic lights

Item no.: 300948
Anti-theft device for CO2 traffic lights Application area
  • for installation in public areas (e.g. schools, administrative buildings, etc.)
  • suitable for all SCHABUS CO2 traffic lights

FAQ about CO-2 traffic lights

How much electricity does the CO2 traffic light actually consume?

Due to the automatic dimming of the LED lights of our traffic lights at night, the actual power consumption is extremely low and thus also helps to save energy:

0.03 kWh in 24 hours*

(Important: the traffic light should not be disconnected from the power supply at night because the automatic self-calibration is designed for 7 days of continuous operation in order to determine better, more realistic standard values!)

*current measurement as of 08.11.2022

On which side and at what height should the traffic lights be mounted?

The traffic light is not mounted directly next to the windows on a wall. The height of the traffic light should be high enough to be visible from as many places as possible and at most so that the touch field for resetting the acoustic signal can still be touched comfortably with the hand.

How many square metres does a traffic light cover?

CO2 from breathing air is distributed quite homogeneously in the room. In classrooms, one traffic light is sufficient, a standard gymnasium should be equipped with 2 traffic lights and a Pax400 auditorium perhaps with 3 or 4 traffic lights. This also depends on the room geometry and cannot be expressed in square metres.

How long does it take for the unit to be ready for operation after it is switched on?

[embedyt][/embedyt]In less than 90 seconds the first meaningful evaluation with immediately displayed result takes place.

Does the unit stay on continuously for 24 hours or does it have to be switched on every time the room is used?


The traffic light is suitable for both possibilities; if it is only switched on when the room is in use, one can assume a longer service life.

Does self-calibration take place?

In order to ensure consistently correct Co2 measurement results, it must be ensured that the Co2 traffic light is exposed to fresh air for at least 30 minutes every 7 days(from year of manufacture 2021) or every 24 hours(before year of manufacture 2021). Simply ventilating the room in which the measuring device is installed is sufficient for this. This leads to a constant self-calibration, thus to the full and accurate functioning of the device.

The instructions say: "Inspection after 5 years". How does that work?

Basically, you can check the sensor yourself. Simply blow on it calmly for about one minute and observe the colour changes on the traffic light. You can also send us the traffic light for a free factory inspection, during which we may readjust the sensor. If we need to replace the sensor, you will receive a discounted replacement offer, just as with all other gas detectors from our company. Regular or daily draught-ventilation also helps the traffic light to a higher and longer reliability.