SCHABUS - more relaxed with safety

As a German manufacturer, we specialized 30 years ago in the development of electrotechnical measuring sensors and signalling systems for use in home and security technology.

We have plug-in products specially designed for the private user as well as sophisticated professional solutions for the specialist; measurement and alarm technology that makes your life and the life of your customers safer and therefore more relaxed.


Our ISO certification, achieved in 2019, confirms that we meet international standards in our quality assurance processes.

SCHABUS - the brand

We have long been a household name among insiders in the industry: the name SCHABUS - stands for quality from Germany, from Upper Bavaria to be precise.

But to make sure that everyone recognizes that SCHABUS stands for brand quality, we have now protected and registered our company name as a trademark.

And we are a teeny bit proud of it.


For our service team, intensive customer contact has the highest priority - and as a company, we also work to ensure that you as a customer can continue to obtain our products from us at a good, reasonable price-performance ratio despite the current global economic situation.

Our personal commitment is our recipe for success, every day we take care of your individual requirements with competence and heart. Our trained sales and service team will be happy to help and answer your questions; or even develop new, suitable product solutions based on your needs.

Company building Stephanskirchen

SCHABUS - our 2 production sites

Our production with two locations in Stephanskirchen in Upper Bavaria and since 2010 additionally in Rohrdorf enables us to guarantee the necessary high flexibility, cost-effective production, on-time delivery and the assurance of our highest quality standards. Made in Germany" - a reputation to which we also contribute through our work.

Exhaust systems

We are particularly proud of our pioneering work in the product area of exhaust air systems, which earned our owner Wolfgang Schabus the unofficial title "Mister Exhaust Air". The SCHABUS exhaust air control system, which has been registered as a utility model since 2002, was developed by us in cooperation with TÜV-Süd on the occasion of the German Firing Ordinance and modified according to the latest requirements and state of the art. Both cable and radio exhaust controls have been tested in accordance with the DIN EN 60730 standard and thus meet the maximum safety requirements. The German Institute for Building Technology additionally certifies this with the DIBt approval.

SCHABUS - Environmental Protection & Sustainability

... more than trendy marketing buzzwords:

Of course, we produce in compliance with the RoHS Directive, which regulates the use of environmentally harmful substances throughout the EU and remain below the permissible limits as far as possible. And of course, as a manufacturer, we are also bound by the WEEE EU Directive, which regulates a valid take-back and recycling of old equipment, so we take over the organization and costs of the take-back of our products from the collection point, so that the disposal is completely free of charge for our customers.

But more important and the decisive difference is again our company philosophy: we want to make life easier, better and safer for our customers.

For us, this also includes the sensible and careful use of resources, materials and energy. In concrete terms, this means that we plan and design our products in such a way that even older series can be repaired in the event of wear or defects. This is in contrast to the frequently observed trend of "planned obsolescence" or the throw-away mentality of many a large online retailer.

So if one of our products no longer does what it should, if a device or sensor is defective or locked - then talk to us. In many cases we will find a sustainable solution.

Lighting Division

For the field of application in film and TV productions as well as the trade fair and event sector, we have developed the innovative product series "Light & Division", a control system for spotlights that makes the light adjustment of TV studios and stages via radio or DMX much easier.

SCHABUS - for over 30 years

With our 30 years of experience, we are also the competent partner for trade, craft and commerce, because in addition to our own product range, we also manufacture electronic and electromechanical custom products, i.e. special solutions even in small quantities.

In addition to our signaling and sensor production, we also handle cable assemblies for well-known manufacturers, i.e. connection cables, device wiring, cable harnesses, data cables, assembled single strands and multicore connection cables. (Cannon/Switching construction).


Water Detectors & Sensors

Who wants to detect leaked or penetrated water at home will find in our product range as well as the professional who needs e.g. potential-free contacts to send a warning message via GSM module. We will be happy to advise you on what suits your needs best.

SCHABUS - Corporate Culture

Even the founding of the company and the development of our first products resulted from the precise analysis of the market and the right feeling for the needs of our customers - we develop and produce home and building security technology that is simply needed and for which we can determine a corresponding demand even before product development. Our particular strength is then our flexibility, which allows us to respond to such developments exceptionally quickly.

That is why, since our foundation in 1992, it has become part of our corporate culture to maintain close contact with the market, whether it is a specialist or a private end customer. This is the only way we can know the needs of our customers and thus always come up with new, innovative products and applications. And it is precisely this corporate culture that also makes us a long-term, solid and consistent partner for the specialist trade and local craftsmen and service providers.

The philosophy of "Laptop und Lederhose" sums it up quite well: on the one hand, it stands for Bavaria as a high-tech location, i.e. for the highest quality in materials and workmanship and technical know-how that is always up to date - and on the other hand, it stands for the Bavarian way of life, which also means, among other things, "mir packen's oan, mir findenn da a Lösung" ... in other words, a very flexible, solution-oriented basic attitude.

It all started in a garage


Foundation by Wolfgang Schabus

Electrical installations as well as rental and sale of light effect devices (in home garage) Sale of electrical accessories


Production of cables for the lighting industry

Production expansion

1999 Move to Stephanskirchen


Larger commercial space

Increase in personnel and production of cable systems and headlamp components for the lighting industry

2000 - 2001

Development of the SCHABUS exhaust air control

Continuous expansion and reconstruction of the company building


Home and Craft Fair

  • for the first time as an exhibitor at the major international craft trade fair in Munich
  • Unique position on the market for exhaust air control systems, as a result of which we have been listed with all leading wholesalers


Utility model protection


We were able to register a utility model protection for our SCHABUS exhaust air controls

EMY AIO motoryoke complete PSU + WiFi integrated


Manufacturing of complete headlamp components

  • Extension of the 1st floor, installation of a complete production line within 3 months
  • Further development of the product lines Gas Detector | CO Detector | Water Detector
  • first time exhibitor at the international fair "Light + Building" Frankfurt a.M.


Growth requires adaptation

  • on extended enterprise resource planning system
  • of the exhaust systems to 868 mhz instead of 433 mhz, including new housings


SCHABUS exhaust air systems are TüV-tested

  • Discontinuation of headlight component production due to the financial crisis
  • Contract signed with Bosch for exhaust systems


second company building in Thansau


Product development of a control device in the health sector


new product series Lighting Division

  • smart spotlight control via cell phone app or mixing console
  • Presentation of the new systems at the "Prolight + Sound" trade fair in Frankfurt a.M.


CO reporting systems

  • for retrofitting to the boilers
  • TÜV test CO detector


Expansion of our storage capacities

and inventory - because supply chains were disrupted by worldwide corona pandemic and are still operating at a severely slowed rate.

Material purchasing for our production requires precise logistics and perfect timin - because often the components can only be procured with long delivery times or not at all. In addition, there has been a price explosion.


ISO certification


SCHABUS is a brand

Finally we have registered our name as a trademark.


 ... It goes on