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Who is not familiar with the scenarios of a burst water pipe, a leaking dishwasher or a burst washing machine hose? Even the unnoticed entry of rainwater through an open window can have far-reaching consequences.

More relaxed for sure with SCHABUS water detectors

Whether socket or fixed installation - at SCHABUS you will always find the right water detector for every area of application

Water damage can cause unimaginable costs for private households and businesses. Not only can water alone cause immense damage, e.g. through mould growth on and in the walls, but it can also damage electronic devices and IT components through short circuits, which also significantly increases the risk of fire. Although our water detectors cannot prevent the cause of water ingress or leakage, they can warn you in good time so that you can intervene quickly. For this reason, our various water alarm systems are ideally suited for monitoring private households, storage rooms, cellars, IT rooms, boiler rooms, etc.

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