Reed contact switch (NO contact) SHT 3010

This reed contact switch is especially suitable for outdoor use

Possible applications

  • Door / window switch with height compensation
  • Monitoring switches for alarm systems, limit switches, model making, etc.
  • LED interior lighting for wardrobe, like "fridge light" with opener contact

The universally applicable magnetic switch with make contact function can be used not only in dry interiors but also outdoors, i.e. also on the outside of doors and windows, and with its enclosed 4 spacer plates for height compensation it is ideal for mounting on door and window frames as well as door and window sashes. The 10-watt reed contact, which can be loaded with up to 500 mA at up to 20 volts, closes the contact when the magnet is very close to the switch. Without cable break protection, this switch cannot be used as an extension for Schabus exhaust air and air conditioning controls.


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Performance features

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Switching behaviour: Magnet on reed contact - normally open contact closed
  • Control line can be inserted from both sides
  • Spacer plates for height compensation
  • Cable length 8 m
  • Colour telegrey-4, housing available in various RAL colours on request!

Switching behavior: Magnet on reed contact - normally open contact is closed
This reed contact switch with magnet can be used universally for various applications. The kit is attached to a door or window by simple mounting. The supplied spacer plates can be used for height compensation. A standard cable (LIYY 2×0,14mm²) is connected to the terminal and can be inserted from both sides. This enables a series connection of several contact switches. The reed contact switch is available in two versions as normally closed or normally open. The housings are delivered in the basic color gray and on request also in other RAL colors. Without cable breakage protection resistor, therefore unsuitable for our exhaust air controls.

Technical data

Reed contact: Normally open contact (no - normaly open)
Switching voltage: 25 V AC / 60 V DC
Switching current: 0,5 A
Functional area: -15°C / +40°C
Protection class: IP 20
Cable length: 8 m
Magnetic switch (HxWxD): 55 x 15 x 18 mm
Magnet (HxWxD): 55 x 15 x 18 mm
Spacer plates: 55 x 15 x 5 mm


Scope of delivery

  • Reed contact switch
  • Spacer plates
  • Mounting material

Shipping information

Dimensions (L x W x H): 110 mm x 160 mm x 50 mm
Weight: 0.07 kg


Instructions for use

Reed contact switch (normally open) SHT 3010 - Art.No.: 300761

CE Declaration

300761 SHT-3010 Reed contact switch (normally open)


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