reduces the risk of infection indoors by encouraging ventilation!


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Performance features
  • Simple installation in seconds
  • Audible and visual warning
  • Detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) from stale air
Possible applications
  • Monitoring of open-plan offices, workshops, etc.
  • for all rooms where people spend long periods of time on a regular basis
  • due to the exclusive acoust. Not as suitable for classrooms as the CO2 traffic light.
  • Reliable reminder to air regularly

D-Series alarms detect elevated CO2 levels in indoor spaces where large numbers of people are regularly present. Typically, these are classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, but also production facilities, open-plan offices and, in general, function rooms.

1400 ppm CO2 in the room air is already considered "very bad air", the maximum workplace concentration MAK in Germany is 5000 ppm, the GX-D1 therefore warns with its loud signal tone already from 2500 ppm for extensive ventilation of the room.

If you have to breathe bad and stale air all the time, you get tired and lose your ability to perform and concentrate. This is particularly noticeable when learning and working.

The immune system is also measurably weakened, which can certainly be seen in the increased number of sick days in open-plan offices and classrooms.
It is the same with aerosols, which cannot be detected directly, but increased CO2 levels are also a measure of virus-laden air.
The GX-D1 cannot prevent infection, but it can at least significantly reduce the risk.

The only remedy is regular airing, which is often forgotten. This is exactly where the GX-D1 warning device comes in. Not only does it warn of increased harmful concentrations, but it also educates you to ventilate in good time, even before the warning tone sounds.

Additional information


CO2 Carbon dioxide

Technical data

Operating voltage: 230 (+/-10%) V AC / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: approx. 3 W
Protection class: IP 20
Sound pressure buzzer: 90 dB (distance 10 cm)
Sensor type: NDIR
Trigger concentration CO2: approx. 2500 ppm
Functional area sensor: 0 °C / +40 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C / +70 °C
Humidity (ambient): 5-90 % RH (non-condensing)
Sensor lifetime: up to approx. 10 years
Dimensions (HxWxD): 118x60x44 mm

Scope of delivery

1 Gas detector GX-D1
Operating instructions


Instructions for use

CO2 ALARM GX-D1 - Art.No.: 300251

Product data sheet

CO2 ALARM GX-D1 - Art.No.: 300251

CE declaration

300251 GX-D1 CO2 gas alarm


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