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By means of our practical radio solutions, electrical installations can be realized extremely simple and reasonable – even subsequently! Without running cables, all existing sockets and other conductions become switchable immediately. Even only onemeter of an underground cable costs more than one radio solution. Our radio switches can be assembled smoothly on all types of subsoils, like wood, tiles, wallpaper, glass or concrete by a double-faced adhesive tape receivers are simply plugged. into existing wall sockets or directly assembled inside the electrical appliance, which shall be controlled. Basically all our radio receivers (gong, fl ush mounted switch, radio intermediate adapter) can be controlled wirelessly by all transmitters in this catalogue (key, motion detector, wall
mounted key, remote control).

Thereby many applications are open to you: a doorbell or a motion detector for the outdoor lighting can be upgraded subsequently without running cables. You are also able to additionally manage the garage door, the fountain and the blinds from inside.

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Weekly timer hat rail electronic

Weekly timer hat rail electronic

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