Water detector SHT 5001

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product description

 Function Description:
The water detector SHT 5001 is a device for monitoring cellars, flat roofs, cisterns, manure pits, etc. The standardized housing is ideal for installation in sub-distribution boards, control cabinets, surface-mounted housings, etc.

Connection options:
At the entrance of the SHT 5001, a water sensor or float switch or even several can be connected in parallel. Two integrated potential-free relay contacts in the device switch on alarm. Thus, e.g. a signal generator, a solenoid shut-off valve, a telephone dialer or a bus system are controlled. Accessories can be found under: Warning Systems Accessories

Memory function:
A jumper is used to save the triggered alarm and to acknowledge it by pressing a button. With the default setting, the alarm is automatically cleared again after the water level has fallen below

Use with non-conductive liquids:
You can also use the SHT 5001 Water Detector with other liquids that are nonconductive or have hazardous properties. Simply combine the SHT 5001 with our float switches.