Water detector SHT 5000 24V

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product description

 Function Description:
The water detector SHT 5000 - 24V is a powerful multi-functional device for monitoring of basements, ships, trucks, mobile devices u.v.m. On the device, one water sensor or float switch or even several in parallel can be connected per input. For loud alarms, a signal generator is installed, which can be switched on or off for each input. Four LEDs indicate the alarm status of the water sensors. In addition, there are two setting options for each input. On the one hand, the triggered alarm can be saved and acknowledged by pressing a button. On the other hand, if the water level falls below the threshold, the alarm can be automatically deleted again.

Battery operation in case of power failure:
With the option "Battery operation", a 9 V block battery is fitted to the water detector. Thus, in the event of a short power failure, an acoustic alarm is nevertheless triggered and relayed via the relay, for example. B. switched an emergency power control circuit.