Water detector SHT 241

Product.Nr.: 300241

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product description

 Function Description:
The water detector SHT 241 is a quick-installable socket device for monitoring basements, washrooms, boiler rooms, cisterns and much more. The float switch is fastened with a mounting bracket (optional) and the device is plugged into the socket. For loud alarming a signal generator is installed.

The robust float switch is particularly suitable for dirty water or other liquids (eg fuel oil, diesel, vegetable oil, lubricating oil, etc.).

The switch contact of the float closes from about 4 cm level height and activates the input of the water detector. By reversing the float body you also get the reverse switching function.

Extension sensor cable:
If required, you can extend the sensor cable up to 50 m with a cable (2 x 0.34 mm²). You have to cut through the existing sensor cable and reconnect it with terminals.