Water detector SHT 217

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product description

 Function Description:
The water detector SHT 217 is a plug-in pump control that switches on when a certain water level reaches a connected water pump and switches it off again after a set time. A stepless dial adjusts the overrun time of the pump from 0 to 100 seconds. An audible and visual warning signals the water level change.

Extension sensor cable:
If required, you can extend the sensor cable up to 50 m with a cable (2 x 0.34 mm²). You have to cut through the existing sensor cable and reconnect it with terminals.

Without acoustic alarm:
The same device is available as a water detector SHT 218 without acoustic alarm.

Use with non-conductive liquids:
For other liquids such as fuel oil, diesel, vegetable oil, lubricating oils, etc., you need the device SHT 227 with float switch.

Use of water sensor in the pump sump (condensation water):
Use the SHT 227 with float switch when the water sensor is used for cyclic operation.