Water detector

Who isn‘t familiar with situations involving a water line break, a leaking dishwasher or a washing machine hose that has burst. Undetected entry of rain water through an open window can also have severe consequences.

Water damages incur unforeseeable costs for private households and for companies. After all, not only the water causes immense damages by increasing moulding on and in
walls, but also electronic equipment and IT components are damaged by short circuits, which also results in a growing risk of fire.

Though our water sensors are unable to prevent the cause of water seepage and/or leaking, they do, however, warn you that immediate intervention is needed. For this reason, our range of water warning systems is ideal for monitoring private households, storage areas, cellars, IT rooms, heater rooms etc.

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Water detector SHT 5002 level control

Water detector SHT 5002 level control

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