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Water detector SHT 5001

Water detector for fixed installation

Possible applications

  • Pump control
  • Cistern monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Overflow message (e.g. slurry pit)
  • Monitoring flat roofs
  • Combined with mini float switch also suitable for other liquids (e.g. heating oil, diesel, vegetable oil, lubricating oils, etc.)

The SHT 5001 water detector for top-hat rail mounting in the fuse box or small distribution board has 2 independent detection lines, which are designed identically with the option of connecting sensors or mini float switches to their own inputs, activating the alarm memory via a wire jumper or switching a potential-free changeover relay when "water" is detected. Test, reset, internal alarm beeper, or the connection of external alarm indicators with 12 volts to 30 mA, on the other hand, are carried out together for both detection lines. The cable lengths can be extended up to 100 metres for sensors and up to 300 metres for mini-float switches per detection line, provided that only thin and unshielded 2×0.14mm² LiYY cables are used, which are not laid parallel to cables of the mains AC voltage.


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Performance features

  • Housing for 35mm standard top-hat rail system (DIN EN 5002)
  • Optical warning with LED + internal acoust. Warning
  • 2 signal lines for water sensors and mini float switch
  • Several sensors can be connected in parallel
  • independent alarm or memory functions
  • 2 integrated switching relays 5 A (potential-free changeover relays), one for each detection line, enable connection to BUS system (EIB) or external devices
  • 12V - 30mA alarm output for ext. LEDs, piezo, ...
  • External reset input for push-button, GSM dialler, ...
  • 12-volt battery functions as a UPS

Functional description:
The SHT 5001 water detector is a device for monitoring basements, kitchens, bathrooms, flat roofs, cisterns, pits, wells, drainages, tank systems, shafts, tubs, and much more. The standardized housing is ideal for installation in sub-distribution boards, control cabinets, small distribution boards, surface-mounted housings, etc.

Connection options:
The SHT 5001 has 2 detection lines with 2 inputs each, one for water sensors up to 100m and one for mini float switches up to 300m line length. Each detection line switches its own relay in case of alarm. With a potential free contact, e.g. push button, a stored alarm can be reset from outside. There is an alarm output for 12 volts, which can be loaded up to 30mA. The SHT 5001 is operated either with mains voltage or with a 12 / 24 V DC source.

Memory function:
Via a wire bridge it is possible to store the triggered alarm and to acknowledge it only by pressing the key. With the standard setting, the alarm is automatically cancelled again after the water level has fallen below the limit. A separate alarm memory is available for each of the two detection lines.

Emergency power supply:
The DC input for batteries and rechargeable batteries simultaneously provides an uninterruptible emergency power supply (UPS) when a 12 volt rechargeable battery is used. When using a 12 volt battery, the mains voltage connected at the same time has priority. If it fails, the battery or accumulator takes over immediately. If a 24 volt battery is connected, it has priority over the mains voltage, the limit is 15 volts.

Water sensors for floor moisture:
Water sensors are used for moisture on floors to detect leaks, for example, under dishwashers and washing machines. Float switches for water level / gauge and for non-conductive liquids: Since water sensors may only be used for regularly dry environments, there are numerous mini float switches that can detect a water level, stroke or gauge. Mini float switches are low maintenance and wear free.

External control of the reset function:
For resetting a stored alarm normally the RESET button on the front of the housing is used, there is now also the possibility to control this function remotely in the new version of the SHT 5001. A momentarily (i.e. not permanently) switched potential-free normally open contact can trigger the reset at input Q (terminals 10/11) from outside.

Longer cables than ever before possible:
For all water detectors from Elektrotechnik Schabus, the maximum cable length for water sensors and mini float switches is limited to 50 meters. In response to many customer requests, we have been able to significantly increase the possibilities by treating water sensors and float switches separately. What has remained is the limitation of the wire capacitance to 10 nF, but this also allows extended leeway in wire thickness. With the standard thickness of 2x 0.14 mm² LiYY for the sensor cables, we were able to achieve up to 100 meters for the sensors and up to 300 meters for the mini float switches.

Support of sensors with 3 contacts:
For the SHT 5008 and SHT 5600 water sensors with 3 contacts, the new SHT 5001 water detector offers for the first time a direct connection option without having to take the detour via SHT 5000 with relay plug-in card. Once for redundancy with SHT 5008 (2x 2 contacts must be bridged with water) or once for dynamics with SHT 5600 (first distinguish soil moisture, then rising water).

Water sensor or mini float switch? Which do I need?
This question is quite simple to answer: If it is only somehow possible from the purpose to use a mini float switch, then you must use it. Because then you are dealing with a water level, a gauge or a stroke. Sensors will also work for a while, but with their bare contacts they are completely unsuitable for constantly wet environments. Keep in mind that water sensors are wear parts. The more often and longer they are exposed to water, the faster they will age and, at best, tend to increase false alarms. Even if you are convinced that your sensor is properly dry, water may have entered the interior of the sensor and caused significant corrosion, rust, verdigris, etc. Sensors are only suitable for regularly dry environments, for the detection of water in general on floors and in particular under washing machines and dishwashers, perhaps under the boiler or other water-carrying appliances, pipes, radiators, etc., just mainly dry surfaces on which normally or hopefully never water comes.

Use with non-conductive liquids:
You can also use the SHT 5001 water detector with other liquids that are not conductive or have hazardous properties.
have. Simply combine the SHT 5001 with our Float switches.

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Technical data

Operating voltage DC 12 / 24 V
Operating voltage AC 100 - 240 V~ / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 2 - 3 W / VA, depending on operating condition
Relay contacts 2 potential-free changeover relays
Relay switching capacity max. 250 V~ / 30 V= / 5 A
Reporting lines 2 sensors (AC) and / or
2 mini float switches (DC)
Line length AC up to 100 m / DC up to 300 m (max. 10 nF)
Alarm threshold AC < 80 kΩ / DC < 180 kΩ
AC Measuring voltage 115 Hz / 2.5 Vpp
DC Measuring voltage 12 Volt
Buzzer connection / alarm output 12 Volt / max. 30 mA
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP20 for always dry interiors
Functional area +5 °C ... +45 °C
Storage temperature -20°C ... +70°C
Humidity (ambient): 5 - 90% rH (non-condensing)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 57 x 72 x 90 mm / 4 TE Top-hat rail

Scope of delivery

  • 1 SHT 5001 water detector (without water sensor)
  • Operating instructions

Shipping information

Dimensions (L x W x H): 170 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm
Weight: 0.42 kg

Connection examples


Instructions for use

Water detector SHT 5001 - Art.No.: 400748

Instruction manual for the predecessor model (until approx. end of 2021)

300748 SHT 5001 - User manual 6 languages (previous model until 2021)

CE Declaration

Water detector SHT 5001 - Art.No.: 400748

Product data sheet

Water detector SHT 5001 - Art.No.: 400748

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