Forced ventilation systems

In accordance with the current german fi ring ordinance (§4 para. 2 FeuVO) a fi replace supplied by room air (wood, coal oven, gas-fi red boiler, etc.) and an exhaust fan (smoke extractor hood, ventilation systems, exhaust air laundry dryer, etc.) may only be operated at the same time if pressure equalisation exclusively by means of a fresh air supply is assured.That‘s because combustion in enclosed spaces may otherwise result in underpressure if a smoke extractor is activated at the same time meaning that the smoke extractor fan removes the hazardous gases from the fi replace such as e.g. carbon monoxide, which can be life-threatening to people. To counteract this, Elektrotechnik Schabus has designed a broad selection of solutions for your individual on-site forced ventilation.
You can choose from wired or wireless versions, adapter versions or built-in receivers that also enable ventilation of the smoke extractor hood without having to open a window. Take a look at our broad selection of forced ventilation systems and see for yourself.

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