Dirt catcher accessory for mini float switch

Product.Nr.: 300320

30,17 EUR

product description

 Accessories for mini float switch, float switch not included

Plastic dirt collector and V2A for attachment to the mini float switch, for mini float switch made of plastic, V2A and V4A, as well as for all water sensors from Elektrotechnik Schabus.
For the special use of miniature float switches and outdoor sensors / floodplains / pond systems / rainwater tanks, with high levels of dirt due to floating twigs and grasses that could block the mechanics of the float. Also as a protection against small animals such as frogs, snails or mice that could operate the float or trigger sensors.

In the lower area, under the float there is enough space to reliably keep washed-up sediments away from the mechanics. There are 2 small holes in the lid, which prevent the formation of air bubbles and thus suppress floating of the float switch when mounted without angle.
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