Aquastop SHT 216

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product description

 Function Description:
The Aquastop SHT 216 is a protection system with additional device shutdown. The electronic alarm and shutdown device detects the smallest amount of liquid and switches off the connected device. This activates the water stop of the device. An audible and visual warning signals the water alarm.

The switchable socket can also be used to control a solenoid shut-off valve (de-energized closed) so that the water supply is disconnected when the water enters.

Extension sensor cable:
If required, you can extend the sensor cable up to 50 m with a cable (2 x 0.34 mm²). You have to cut through the existing sensor cable and reconnect it with terminals.

Use with non-conductive liquids:
For other liquids such as fuel oil, diesel, vegetable oil, lubricating oils, etc., you need the device SHT 226 with float switch.