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Professional tip About our float switches

You are here: Home Professional tip about our float switches The SCHABUS float switches are designed for currents of max. 500 mAmpere.If you use our float switches to switch an installation contactor, the high inrush currents overload the contactor.

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SCHABUS is strong as an ox

Perhaps you have already received mail from SCHABUS. And perhaps you have noticed that there is an interesting note printed on the envelope.

For several years we have supported

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Water replenishment for pool or pond

You are here: Home Elektrotechnik Schabus - more relaxed with safety SCHABUS water replenishment system Which pond and pool owner does not know the problem: During longer absence (e.g. vacation) or long heat

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An unbeatable duo

Anyone who operates an exhaust air system and a combustion facility together in a residential compound knows this: the chimney sweep prescribes an electronic exhaust air control!
Exhaustair control systems have been the core business of Elektrotechnik SCHABUS for many years.

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Corona traffic light shows direct effect

You are here: Home SCHABUS - more relaxed with safety Green light for good air at the Brünnsteinhaus - hut owner is satisfied Oberaudorf - Two Corona traffic lights in the guest rooms of the Brünnsteinhaus have been measuring since

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