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Radio exhaust air control FGS 170

Radio exhaust control with 230 V transmitter!

Possible applications

  • Gas boiler in combination with bathroom fan

The FGS 170 radio gas heater control system consists of a 230-volt transmitter, which interrogates the potential-free contact of a gas heater, and a 230-volt receiver, which converts the change of state of the gas heater into a changeover of the potential-free changeover relay. With this system, a bathroom fan, for example, can be switched off when the gas heater is ignited.


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Performance features

  • Transmitter for 230 V operation (without batteries)
  • Radio link monitoring
  • Relay contact receiver 5 A changeover contact (potential-free)

Functional description:
Exhaust air systems such as bathroom ventilators create a negative pressure in the room if not enough air can flow in. As soon as a combustion site (e.g. gas boiler) is located in the same room compound, dangerous exhaust gases can be extracted from it and spread in the room. By using the radio exhaust air control FGS 170, an exhaust air system can only be used if, for example, this gas boiler is not ignited. On the part of the gas boiler there must be a potential-free contact (opener or closer), which is interrogated by the FGS 170 and transmits the operating status of the gas boiler to the receiver.
Second receiver
In addition to the existing FGS 170 set, a further receiver with the same factoryFGS 170-E of the same factory coding (0 to 9) can be used. When ordering, please specify the serial number of your existing set.

My gas boiler only outputs 230 volts when ignited.
This also occurs frequently, but is better than no message at all. Ask your electrician to bring a 230 V relay to the installation, then he can use it to make a potential-free contact and thus control the FGS 170 transmitter.

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Technical data

Operating voltage transmitter: 230 VAC / 50-60Hz
Input transmitter: NC contact / NO contact
Switching capacity (max.): 1150 VA (700 W) / 5 A (3 A)
Control line: 4 m, 2x 0.14mm², white
Relay switching capacity: 1150 W / 5 A (changeover contact potential-free)
Radio frequency: 868 MHz SRD, coded
Reach: up to 20 m in free field*
Functional area: -15° C / +40° C
Protection class: IP 20
Receiver (HxWxD): 53 x 53 x 46 mm
Transmitter (HxWxD): 53 x 53 x 46 mm

* The transmitter is connected with a cable to the potential-free contact (opener) of the gas boiler. As soon as combustion starts and the contact opens, a receiver is triggered by radio to switch off the exhaust air system (e.g. bathroom fan). The receiver can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted in a distribution box, switch box or socket with a minimum diameter of 60 mm. The side fixing lugs on the receiver can be broken away if necessary.*Make sure that the radio waves are not shielded (wall, metal ...), the range depends on the installation.

Scope of delivery

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Control cable 4 m
  • Mounting material

Shipping information

Dimensions (L x W x H): 170 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm
Weight: 0.34 kg

Connection example


Instructions for use

Radio exhaust control FGS 170 - Art.No.: 300714

CE Declaration


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