Service portfolio

Elektrotechnik Schabus itself is the developer and manufacturer of high-quality warning systems and (wireless) safety solutions that you will find on this online shop. We develop these solutions based on our close proximity to market activities and our customers. Only in this way, do we know what end users want and need.

We also develop custom-built electronic and electromagnetic products for companies from a wide range of industries. With Elektrotechnik Schabus, you have a partner at your side who competently oversees development up to and including manufacture and assembly in the scope of your project. We give you the solution to your idea!

In addition to our own proprietary developments in building and safety technology, we also manufacture cable assemblies, spotlight and dimmer system assemblies for reputed manufacturers.

  • Connection lines
  • Equipment wiring
  • Cable harnesses
  • Data lines
  • Pre-fi nished single strands
  • Spotlight/dimmer systems
  • Custom-made products, also in micro-fi elds
  • Multicore connector cables (Cannon)

Long-time experience in planning and manufacturing wiring systems also make us a qualifi ed contact for technical questions. We manufacture to accommodate specifi c customer needs based on your drawings industrial large-scale production as well as in small quantities and guarantee highest quality and compliance with deadlines while of course simultaneously complying with all conventional UL, ML and DIN standards. We manufacture cables in a process-reliable, timely and economical manner.

Our guiding principle: A fi rm partner, who offers flexible solutions. Based on this motto, we strive to realise the best solutions for our customers, secure long-term relationships and be there whenever there is a need for something exceptional or in urgent situations.

Ask us.