Company portrait

For nearly 25 years, Elektrotechnik Schabus has established itself as a famous, high-quality brand in the fi eld of building and safety technology. High-quality materials, ultra-modern manufacturing technology and especially qualifi ed and enthusiastic employees ensure that Schabus products deliver the highest quality, „made in Germany“.

Our strength - Our close contact to professionals has made us a sought-after manufacturer and partner. Elektrotechnik Schabus is dedicated to the success of its users from the very beginning – with a product range that fulfi ls every wish when it comes to installation, assembly and user friendliness. We manufacture individual electrotechnical solutions for special applications with a variety of confi gurations.

We are always in contact with our customers so that we can both develop methods for the continual optimisation of our products. The resulting assurance and effi ciency for the benefi t of everyone who works with Schabus products are part of the reason experts around the world trust Elektrotechnik Schabus. After all, we accommodate the needs of the German and international market in order to fulfi l the individual needs of our customers.